More than a Game - April 19, 2021


Tennis is more than a game it is life. When tennis is viewed in this way it will be much more fulfilling and greater expectations will be created for the players. Tennis should do so much more than help players achieve better fitness, enable social opportunities, and create competition. Tennis can make you better in most all areas of life; yet this is seldom understood.  

The greater understanding players have for why they play the deeper and longer lasting will be the effect of how they play. Passion for the game will grow and an appreciation of the game will be created. Players will train differently, evaluate their progress more critically and define success more comparatively. All of this will make the game more enjoyable at all levels.

Players must train in such a way that each match reflects who they are and what they stand for. When these principles are praiseworthy and honorable, they give meaning and purpose to who we are and what we do. 

Once we come to know that tennis is life this discovery becomes a gift. Tennis will then be used as a training tool to shape us in such a way that we will become more and more like what we were created to be.

Steve Beier
FWCC Director of Tennis