More than a Game - November 30, 2021

2009-tennis-ball-CH-largeWe were called to be great. Look at the great men of the past, men like Abe Lincoln, Winston Churchill or George Washington. We become inspired by what they accomplished. Great martyrs who died for their faith left behind a legacy that motivates us even today. The question then becomes were they born great or did they become great?

The answer is probably a little of both, but it is the characteristics of their greatness that I want to challenge us with. If you study the lives of these great men, you will find some commonalities amongst them. I want to take a closer look at just a couple of these traits:

  1. The worst situations brought out their best—the difficulties in their lives became the sculpture’s chisel and made them better. Had these trials never occurred in their lives it would be arguable if they would have been who they are in history. These “storms” were a refining fire that makes gold more pure. They never ran away from the fires, rather they ran into them.
  2. They were unmoved in their core beliefs—a better way to say this is they knew what they believed and they believed what they knew. If society disagreed with them or threatened them on these beliefs they never budged. They knew truth was never determined by a vote but rather by reality. Many were willing to give their lives for these beliefs, and did. What they left behind is their inspiring heritage. They were committed to a cause outside of them that is greater than any of us. Whether it is slavery, national freedom or religious values, these core beliefs were what they committed their lives to. 
  3. Their mouths said great things but their lives said even more— the lives of these great men spoke volumes more than their words ever will. They were motivated by their beliefs and their lives were a reflection of this. We will all one day leave this earth in death, all that will be left of us is what we did with our life. These men have left a great witness of the importance of a life well lived.

Much more could be said about these great men but the challenge I put out to you today is simply this: What are you committing your life to? Are you working on becoming the best you are capable of becoming or is it a life of mediocrity?

To be great we must live life intentionally. We must seek to be better today than we were yesterday. Most of all we must know that unless we seek out greatness, mediocrity, awaits us.

Greatness was never stumbled onto it was taken by the horns and held on to for dear life.