More than a Game - November 9, 2021

net-ball-imageTennis is LIFE is a way of thinking; it is a language but most of all it is specific concepts designed to show all that tennis can do for players. It will build an understanding that the specific skills needed to enable players to play their best tennis are the same skills needed to succeed in life. My goal in creating this awareness is that more players will participate in tennis because of the many internal benefits inherent in the game. This would be similar to the physical attraction running has for many people.


Tennis is LIFE works two ways. It is designed to show the life skills used in everyday living must also be used in tennis, but often are not. Lessons we learn in everyday life are built into us by the common sense we use to make it through a day. Lessons like when we touch a hot stove we learn to not ever do that again. The burning of a finger is remembered and we learn a healthy respect for hot stoves.


These teachable moments occur on a regular basis and are obvious in life; yet tennis players often do things terribly wrong and don’t seek to know why. They just keep repeating the same wrong things, expecting different results each time.


On the other hand Tennis is LIFE should train skills that make athletes better physically because they have become better spiritually (critical thinking, problem solving, creative thinking, emotional control, self-control, the ability to focus and dealing with adversity).


Tennis is LIFE is designed to show all that the sport can and cannot do. It will create a better understanding of why you play in order to develop a greater passion for how you play. It will reveal all that losing should and should not do.


Tennis is LIFE will bring ethical and moral qualities to the forefront and demand accountability in athletes. It will give respect to all players, bring honor to the game and dignity to the skills displayed. Unethical behavior, gamesmanship, intimidation and so on will NEVER be tolerated. On the other hand virtues, sportsmanship, never quitting and cognitive abilities will be central to all that players do and rewarded more than anything else.


Tennis is LIFE will ask only for specific facts and reveal the key criteria to enable players to answer the question, “How did you do?” Once these criteria are given players will know that the standard for their performance is their full potential not their opponents’ potential. This will enable them to more accurately define what their current match potential is or was. When this is defined it will help them find out how to get the remaining deficiency out of themselves. 


When this language is appreciated and the game is correctly understood, players will then become better coaches of themselves. This will enable them to think more like a coach and less like a player. They will come to know that the key to playing their best will be accomplished only by coaching to their very best.


Tennis is LIFE will lower the stress and increase the fulfillment players acquire from participating in the game. All of this will be done in a safe, enjoyable environment where participants are ladies and gentleman competing on the athletic field. This will be a foreign language to the outside “tennis world.” They will not understand any of this because they don’t know the language. But to the players it touches it will be LIFE giving, LIFE enhancing, and LIFE changing.